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Video text animations as intro

If you want to give all your videos, whether they are animations or other videos, a professional look, you can provide them with an animated intro. And this can be done very easily. In the accompanying video you can see how you can create rotating text and a flying ‘subtitle’ in a few mouse clicks. You can also use a logo instead of a text. For the ‘beautiful’ it is better if your logo is in a vector format (EPS, SVG). This is in contrast to a raster format (PNG, JPG, GIF). The disadvantage of raster format images is that they can get a grainy and blurry appearance with ‘distorting’ animations such as rotation.

We will do following types of video creation
– Text to video conversion
– Explainer videos
– Logo Animation
– Intro Video
– YouTube intro video
– White board animation video
– more….

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